Tuesday, May 5, 2009


WINNER!: Found Footage - you can do so much with found footage its like endless fun. i love excuses to make shitty shitty found footages that make no sense and/or have innuendo. fine cut found footages seem weird to me. but cool too. i just like shitty self reflexive found footages

2. 48 HOUR - it was my favorite. i like weird live action shit with a doc feel so much.
3. rhythmic editing - shouldve been a different pattern but it was fun filming and editing
4. elements - fun. i dont know. it was funny too. making fun of eddie veder never gets old
5. one take - really fucking cold but shooting film is always fun. learning to develop it was awesome.
6. stop motion - i was in a horrible mood and it is so stupid unless conceptualized. im just a hater right now. i will prob do it in the future but with storyboards this time. and a story. it was funny though. the footage. whatever.


6x1 advanced. hm. I don't know.

- more painting
- more filming (less digital)
- more babes
- project evals
- only stan brakhage readings
- no stan brakhage readings
- more of that guy who made "Outer Space"

i think it would be cool instead of learning all techniques, to focus on one. like, a 3d stop motion that you work on the whole semester. That would be awesome. A non-digital one. I would have students maybe go find something they enjoy and conceptualize a 6x1 project and then make it. maybe even make it like 1x5. i dont know what else i'd add. just make it one huge project with a conceptualized theme (because they already know the technique) so that they work harder to achieve it though more difficult techniques than final cut and dvx.


This movie was awesome. I really like people doing stuff like this. How many other blogs started with that? If i had to read that like 16 times I would go insane. It was an awesome doc though. I wonder how much they get paid? I didn't quite get any of the issues at hand, but it is funny how ridiculously corrupt things can get when people aren't looking. Yea I take that back, I don't want to discuss that at all. How boring is conspiracy theories and political corruption and stuff? I really want to go see the new Star Trek movie. Here is the trailer:

Star Trek from Sleeper Awake on Vimeo.

that looks awesome. I think writing blogs makes me dumber. I am glad people actually read it though, because if they I am dumb than they expect a whole lot less from me, so when I make something swell then they are like HOLY shit! whatever.


Milk Boy (french) from rob barnett on Vimeo.

HERE IS MY 48 VIDEO. Self-explanatory. Basically I was sitting in my room and my friend Trevor was coming over and I already had the idea that I wanted to shoot with the laptop camera. Then a weird line formed into my head when I was taking my weekly shower which was something like "to fall in love, you must first enter the esophagus and down into the sternum". I thought it was insane so I told trevor that, then I took my lamp and kept rotating it as he discussed what love meant to him. Then I turned on the outside light as he shot fireworks at trees and cars below. I think it is beautiful because it is so fucking stupid. After, I did the trashanimation which looks like something youd see on the local news when they try to do a diagram. What I didnt like was that we had to use the line. Next year should be fireworks I think. Second thought, the line was ok. whatever. most fun project aside from rhythmic.


I really like Shark Watches by FREESTYLE. They just re-released them, and I have a whole lot from when I was a little kid. I appreciate them. What I also appreciate is trashartnewdeckbrofacebook. This is like trash art mixed with facebook photos and a new skateboard deck and some bros who just put it all together. I think I've pioneered a new art form. I call it "stoner dark art." It is basically like facebook pictures and sketches of soup bowls. Rruss Roe pioneered Collabroations and New Deco. New Deco is basically too advanced for anybody to comprehend. Just light off as many firecrackers as possible and your getting close. The new cam'ron cd is coming out. Go GETCHA WET WIPES! I am basically done with college. Whatever. This has been a pretty fun class, I am really glad we had freedom to do whatever we wanted. I find it awesome to make something that I think is stupid and purposeless then go back and see that it was my subconscious in charge. Like the new Taintsmouth. That shit needs so much work but it will be good by the end of the month. whatever. heres a picture of something:

Ideas for CAPTURING IMAGES FOR blahblah over this.jpg

I have one idea for capturing images for the video race. I am writing this in hindsight. The one idea is webcam. The technology that has pretty much enhanced inappropriate flashings, is perfect for making weirdo videos. My idea for it, conceptually, is to make something that I appear to not care about and appears to have something deep among its shallow, shitty quality resolution, but in fact it is just this guy talking about love and then shooting fireworks. Add your own interpretation. I am also pretty interested in what I'd call "trash animation." I love shitty, 90s animated graphics a whole lot -- especially if they have some ridiculous effects that don't have any real purpose. Basically, I mixed both and called it MILK BOI FRENCH because I believe that if milkboi was a different person he'd be like this if that different person was french and fucking loved south carolina. L8z bruhz

Thursday, March 26, 2009


"i like the way you work it, no diggity, i got to bag it bag it"

Rough theaters. Let's discuss.

I think rough theaters are great for theatrical events and special events such as ones displaying films that we make in 6x1, but not so much for epic cinema. Let's face it, if you spend a shit ton of money on say a narrative feature, you want to make sure there are no distractions for the audience. I can see with like shakespeare's theater and such, where it is relatively cheap to produce a play, but not so much for films. With that said, I completely disagree with that. When in a theater, you are subconsciously grounding yourself in audience breathing, coughs, and sometimes whispers. When we went to see No Country for Old Men, this old guy kept describing what was obviously happening on the screen. He sat all the way up front, and because of a lack of music, we could hear him the whole time. Russ yelled, "Yo...SHUT THE FUCK UP!" It was hilarious. I will remember that just as much as I remember the film 10 years from now. What's that say? The experience of viewing it with others and realistic distractions made it even better. With a short film, I think I'd rather people "wild out" like nick ass cannon. As long as they are crunk though. And I was too.

Ok basically this is an interesting article. Except synthetic music is awesome too and the most popular form of music production today, so this article appears slightly dated. Only musical perfectionists can tell a difference, the rest of the generation accepts its synthetic roots and appreciates it as a form of "pop art" and loves the shit. I love that shit. Holla Back.

these bros kill it at "synthetic" music:

MAKING LAMBS ANGER TEASER from oizo mr on Vimeo.